Young Father Bites His Infant Son’s Nose Off

father bites his infant son’s nose off

According to police, a teen father in Northern California frustrated with his infant son’s crying partially bit the child’s nose off.

Early Thursday morning police received a call from a hysterical young woman who reported her baby was bleeding from the nose. When police arrived they found the baby on the floor of a bedroom in an apartment where Joshua Cooper, 18, lived with his 1-month-old child, the baby’s mother and other family members.

Cooper was arrested and charged with child cruelty and aggravated mayhem.

Initially the officers weren’t exactly sure what happened until they found a piece of the child’s nose on the floor, Fairfield police said in a news release.

“There was a substantial amount of blood,” Fairfield Police Sgt. Troy Oviatt said. “It was a fairly gruesome scene.”

“The investigation revealed the father bit the child’s nose off while he was crying and he was frustrated he was not able to ease the child’s crying.” Oviatt added.

The baby boy is now at Oakland Children’s Hospital in stable condition. A third of his nose is gone. Doctors later determined the child also suffered a skull fracture and brain hemorrhage and are trying to figure out how the other head injuries occurred.

According to police, the baby’s 17-year-old mother, and other family members were also home, but cooper was alone in the room with his son.

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