Why Is 50 Cent Showing Love For Floyd Mayweather Jr Before Mega-Fight?

Why is 50 Cent Showing Love For Floyd Mayweather Jr Before Mega-Fight?

How convenient is it that 50 cent recently rekindled his bromance with undefeated boxing champ, Floyd Mayweather Jr. prior to the mega-fight?

I can recall just last year when Fifty was lashing out and insulting the champ on social media. But in a recent interview with MTV News he referred to Floyd as his ‘younger brother’ and now he’s showing love for Floyd. I’m not sure what type of big brother would put their younger brother on blast by telling his 4.3 million Instagram followers that his younger brother can’t read among other insults. We all know that Fif is known for beefing with everybody so I guess his “younger brother” wasn’t exempt.

I’m sure you all can remember last year when 50 cent was going in on Floyd and clowning the champ really hard. And we really didn’t know exactly why they were actually beefing. Floyd nor did 50 Cent ever actually say why they had beef. But I do remember that Floyd Mayweather Sr. said that it had to do with Floyd’s decision to stop hanging out with Fif. Now, if that is true then that would make Fif out to be sort of like a scorned busta.

Anyways, the beefing seems to be in the past because Fifty recently posted a pic of him and Floyd on Instagram with the following caption, “THE original MONEY TEAM, you gotta love it. My brother ready, May 2nd don’t get scared now.”

I’m not sure if the pic is an indication that Fif is now once again part of the Money Team. If so, then Floyd may want to rethink that decision. Floyd on May 2nd is going to be in the fight of his life and he does not need any fair-weather friends in his camp. It will not be good for his undefeated 47-0 record. Besides, Fif has a track record of dipping out on his own fighters. Look what he did to Yuriorkis Gamboa when he lost to the BWAA 2014 Fighter of the Year award recipient, Terence Crawford last year. After the fight was over I looked around the ring and Fif was nowhere in sight.

I think Fifty is somewhat suspect trying to be down with Floyd right now. Again, how convenient it is to patch up everything just in time for the mega-fight, when the world spotlight will be illuminating on Floyd “The Best Ever” Mayweather Jr? I think Fifty is trying to get a little shine.

Photo Source: Instagram

Let us know what you think about Fif and Floyd’s new found love for one another by sounding off within the comments section below!

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