Who’s the Real American THUG?

Who’s the Real American THUG?

I am totally shocked by some of the comments I’ve read on social media the last couple of days.

Let me first say that I do not condone the actions of the rioters in Baltimore, but I must say that I do understand why they feel compelled to riot. No one can understand oppression unless they have truly experienced oppression. You cannot conceptualize what it feels like to be oppressed, and to say what you will or will not do, until you have literally and fully walked in the shoes of the oppressed.

Some have labeled the rioters as criminals and thugs, but the last time I checked, criminals and thugs birthed this country. The Pilgrims killed and stole land from the Native American Indians. American history states that the Native Americans were already here, but then goes on to state that Columbus discovered America…now does that sound a bit like thievery? Additionally, Africans were stolen from their land–and yes some were sold by their own–and brought to America to be slaves. Those slaves provided free labor for 400 years. For 400 years many Americans got rich while somebody else did all the work. And during that time, Africans were often lynched, castrated, and even burned alive publicly. During the Civil Rights Movement, during a time when African-Americans protested peacefully: schools were bombed and women and children were killed. So the next time someone wants to point out how animalistic the “thugs” are, they might want to first learn the real history of this “thugged out” country!

Since January of this year, the police have killed around 300 black men and women. Some of those killings/murders, especially those that were caught on camera, show unarmed and non-resistant black men being killed. Often, after these individuals have been killed, the first thing the media does is try to dig up their criminal past in an effort to seemingly justify their death, or to imply that the “thug” probably did something to deserve it. But, the last time I checked, the police are supposed to serve and protect. I have nothing against the police; I truly appreciate the service they provide; however, I am not naive… all cops are not good cops!

I read one post on Facebook that asked, “Why are they [the thugs] looting, stealing, and beating innocent people? Could it be that the “thugs” are doing nothing more than mimicking what they’ve been taught by America? The looters are stealing tangible goods, but America has hoodwinked history and stolen entire lands and human bodies for selfish gain–regardless of its hellish impact on others. And now, many Americans want to act dignified and thumb their nose up at others…SPARE ME!

Let us know what you think about this commentary by sounding off within the comments section below!

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2 Comments on “Who’s the Real American THUG?

  1. Well said! Thoughtful and insightful! The subject matter of the post was analyzed and not an emotional rant. BRAVO MR REID!

  2. It’s
    a proven fact that Black Americans are the most caring and forgiven but we’re
    also the most hated and disrespected. How can we be killed, targeted, jailed,
    prayed upon and still have the ability to be a shield for those who does all
    the above to us. Thugs, hood, Nigger or coons we are called. All these names we’re
    called are really the names of those who abuse us every day. Followers of Blue Supremacy(Cops)
    here in America.” Black Lives Matter”. Those who use our dark skin as a way to
    justify using guns, choke holds, teasers and cuffs I hope conviction sets in and
    find it in your heart to ask your to God to give you the serenity to change the
    racist views that were taught to you by a family member or your racist partner.

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