What The Hell Was This Ex-Cop Crying For?

No, really? What the hell was this ex-cop crying for?

I know for a fact that he wasn’t crying for all of the black women that he profiled, stalked and raped while in uniform as an Oklahoma City Police Officer. He wasn’t crying for the 57-year old grandmother whom he forced to perform oral sodomy during an unjustified traffic stop or for the 17-year old that he followed home and raped on her own porch. Don’t you think for one moment that he was crying because he was remorseful of all of the sickening crimes that he committed against a group of women that he deemed worthless! Women he thought no one would believe if they reported any of his despicable crimes. Former Oklahoma City police officer, Daniel Holtzclaw cried as the judge read the guilty verdict at his rape trial only because he realized at that moment, his ass was done.

Holtzclaw was convicted last week on four counts of first-degree rape, one count of second-degree rape, six counts of sexual battery, four counts of forcible sodomy and three counts of procuring lewd acts. He is now facing 263 years of prison time which was recommended by the jurors in the case.

Thinking of the totality of this case I can’t help but wonder how many women were actually assaulted by this guy. There are probably many other victims who decided against reporting their assaults because of their race and because their sexual predator was a cop. One of Holtzclaw’s victims said in court, “I didn’t think anyone would believe me. I’m a black female.”

Why would someone feel this way? Is it because black lives really don’t matter? Non-believers may need to marinate on that question for a little while.

And that’s what Holtzclaw actually counted on, no one believing his victims because they were black. That’s the reason he profiled women in a predominately black neighborhood.

Can you just imagine how many victims there would have been if the 57-year old grandmother had not reported her assault which initially got Holtzclaw suspended from the police department then ultimately arrested. I’m sure that he would have continued on with his heinous abuse for as long as he wore that OKCPD badge.

As I watched the video of this ex-police officer’s pathetic rocking back and forth while crying in court I became very irritated and the main reason is because he was not crying for the pain he inflicted on his victims or their families.

Now for those of you living with “police can do no wrong” blinders on, this case clearly proves that there are cops who abuse their authority and it also proves that their victims deserves justice regardless of their alleged criminal past, their race, gender and economic status.

What The Hell Was This Ex-Cop Crying For?
Photo Credit: AP

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