SWAT Team Spares Skinhead’s Life After Shooting Spree

SWAT Team Spares Skinhead’s Life After Shooting Spree

Do you understand or know why a police SWAT team chose not to kill a murderous skinhead after his shooting spree yesterday?

Ex-convict/Neo-Nazi skinhead, Ryan Giroux, 41, who has a history of violence and drug use, is accused of killing a man and shooting five others in a Mesa, AZ Wednesday morning.

According to the Mesa Police Department, Giroux went on a crime spree throughout the Phoenix suburb that included a carjacking, kidnaping, aggravated assault and murder.

Giroux was eventually tracked down, cornered and shot with a Taser by the Mesa SWAT team then taken into custody.

So a SWAT team actually handled a deadly force situation with a Taser? Does this mean Tasers really work?

I guess Giroux would have needed to be selling loosie cigarettes on the street, playing with a toy gun on a playground or handling a small screw driver in order for the SWAT team to have shot & killed him. Oh yeah… He would’ve also needed to be black.

Giroux’s face was bruised because police said he struggled with officers as he resisted arrested. You mean to tell me that none of the Officers yelled that he was reaching for their gun as he resisted? So, bad ass, murderous skinheads don’t reach for cop’s guns?

Although Giroux’s murderous rampage left many seriously injured and one man dead the SWAT team chose not to use deadly force but instead they selected a less lethal method when they apprehended an obvious dangerous criminal. Imagine that…

Do you think the SWAT team would have been justified if they had shot Ryan Giroux with a gun rather than a Taser?

Let us know what you think about this commentary by sounding off within the comments section below and also share it with all of your friends!

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3 Comments on “SWAT Team Spares Skinhead’s Life After Shooting Spree

  1. You’re comparing SWAT to cops first of all. SWAT is better trained for this shit. And also, why the butthurt? Just cuz he wasn’t black, that was the only reason why he didn’t die? No. SWAT teams handle shit like men while cops are boys with guns. And also, all the black people that the media successfully distracted you with, deserved to die.

    • SWAT are cops… SWAT teams aren’t just sitting around waiting to respond to situations; they are cops who are trained “for this shit” & suit up when needed. But they are on the streets policing in the mean time. The skinhead actually killed & injured people & the black people that you believe deserved to die killed who? Skinhead deserved to die, Vincent. But he didn’t & you know why!

  2. Myself i think black folk are in slavery that skin head is that off the hook little brother of all police see the police dept. Have been infiltrated by hate groups across America. Otherwise hate groups step there game up where they can kill us and rhis is only the beginning so keep marching peacefully while they continue to shoot your black ass they chill when them two police got killed in newyork and the minister said they will kill you and go home and eat dinner but you lay there ass down equally. Then they going to want to talk over dinner with you

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