Russell Simmons Speaks on Rick Rubin’s Split with Def Jam

Russell Simmons Speaks on Rick Rubin's Split with Def Jam

Russell Simmons was recently interviewed by DJ Vlad and was asked about Rick Rubin’s departure from Def Jam five years after the two hip-hop pioneers founded the label.

The mystery surrounding Rubin’s departure from the label has ever really been clearly explained until now. Russell went on to answer the question by stating that they were both working on different projects and their priorities drifted apart.

“Well, if he’s making Slayer and I’m over here making Oran ‘Juice’ Jones where’s the common thread?” he said in response to a direct question about the break up. “We should have been in the studio making Run DMC, that’s what I think. We should’ve made the next Run DMC album. He wasn’t really ready to make Public Enemy because they didn’t want anybody near them.”

Watch the interview below.

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