Ronda Rousey Clearly Wasn’t Ready!

Ronda Rousey Clearly Wasn’t Ready!

Ronda Rousey clearly wasn’t ready for her big bout with challenger Holly Holm at UFC 193 in Melbourne, Australia on Sunday.

Holly Holm; however, was ready and she shocked the world when she KO’d Ronda with an “Oh Shit!” left kick to the neck (Ouch!!!). It’s already being called the biggest upset in UFC history and I agree. Rousey fans all over the world are in total shock right now.

According to ESPN, UFC President, Dana White said that Rousey was “devastated,” but OK physically.

I honestly believe Ronda overlooked Holm and thought that she was an easy fight. She underestimated her opponent and that’s something that no fighter should ever do. Rousey seemed to be extra cocky leading up to the fight. I’m not surprised that she was devastated afterwards because most cocky fighters experience overwhelming shock or grief after being “knocked the f*ck out” by someone whom they felt they could easily destroy.

Ronda probably looked over across the octagon at Holly Holm and thought to herself, “This is gonna be easy work.” Ronda showed no respect for Holm and this was evident when she avoided touching gloves on the onset of the fight. I know that she wasn’t required to, but it would have been a great display of sportswomanship.

I believe that Ronda was also caught up with the fame and hype from all of the attention she has been receiving due to her success within the sport and outside of the octagon. Ronda’s loss sort of reminds me of the Mike Tyson vs. Buster Douglas historic and shocking fight back in 1990.

Once the shock wears off and she heals physically and mentally, I hope that Ronda learn from her mistakes and continue being successful in the sport.

Damn, Ronda wasn’t ready! But anyone is beatable…

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4 Comments on “Ronda Rousey Clearly Wasn’t Ready!

  1. Yes, she wasn’t ready if you mean she had a horrible fight plan and executed it perfectly. She was the champion. Why in the world would she try and make it a striking match? Why would she chase the challenger instead of making her come and take the title? Why, once she tasted the others power, would she not respect it instead of ignoring it?

    If you fight a stupid fight, then you just might have a stupid loss. Ronda’s ego is what kicked her ass!

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