Why Are Prosecutors In America Incapable Of Convicting Cops For Murdering Black Men?

Why Are Prosecutors In America Incapable of Convicting Cops For Murdering Black Men?

Why are prosecutors in America incapable of convicting cops for murdering black men?

Prosecutors who are adept and successful in securing convictions in cases against ordinary citizens charged with murders are highly unsuccessful in doing so when the defendants are white police officers charged with murdering black men. We have all witnessed their inability to indict or obtain convictions in these cases time and time again.

District Attorney’s outrageous failures to indict or convict cops who have unjustly killed unarmed black people are apart of American history. It’s unchecked, blatant injustice that consistently occurs in America and it’s fueled by racism.

In the unlikelihood an officer is actually charged and he or she goes to trial, the case is normally put on like a well-crafted theatrical play. The officers of the court and the defendants [white police officers] are all of the actors. It’s as if the powers that be are saying, “Let’s have a trial to show that we are seeking out justice.” When in reality they’re all fiercely attempting to prevent white men from being separated from their loving families. Preventing them from having to serve one single day in a maximum security prison cell for killing a black man. How dreadful… The thought of white men serving time for murdering black men. Meanwhile the victim’s loving families mourn and suffer from not just the loss of their loved ones but also due to the fact that the American justice system never works for them. How disrespectful…

The murder trial of white police officer Michael Slager who killed unarmed black motorist Walter Scott is a perfect example of a court system putting on a façade. The jury in that case was all white except for one black person. Charleston, SC has a black population of around 30%. Why were there not more black jurors on that jury? How are they seeking justice with calculated moves such as that?

It is very offensive when officers of the court blatantly keep potential black jurors off a jury. I’m pretty sure that the black community in Charleston consider it a smack in their face. Black people are fully capable of listening to the witnesses’ testimony and understanding the evidence in order to come up with a verdict just as white people are. However, it appears that Charleston’s judicial system made sure to place citizens on the jury who they knew would not convict officer Slager.

The case ended yesterday [Monday December 5, 2016] with the judge declaring a mistrial. A mistrial because the jury could not unanimously decide on a verdict. There was no verdict although clear video footage showed Slager firing eight rounds striking Walter Scott five times in his back as he ran away. The same video showed Slager planting his Taser near Scott’s body after the shooting. Slager also lied on his official police report.

He prepared his untruthful police report prior to knowing about the video. Slager reported that Scott went after his Taser, he also claimed to have performed CPR on Scott, which the video does not show him doing. Slager created a false narrative to save his ass and although he lied coupled with clear video evidence of his crime there was still no conviction. It’s absolutely clear to me that Slager’s lies were totally unnecessary because his white skin was all that he needed in order to not be convicted.

The prosecution promised to seek another trial. A federal trial is also on deck for Slager but I ask you to please not hold your breath if you’re hoping for a conviction or for any real justice.

Again, why are prosecutors in America incapable of convicting cops for murdering black men?

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