NYPD Officers Who Arrested Mailman Placed On Desk Duty

NYPD Officers Who Arrested Mailman Placed On Desk Duty

Three New York City police officers and a lieutenant caught on video arresting an on-duty postal worker in New York last month have been removed from their normal posts as the NYPD investigates the incident.

Allow me to enlighten those of you who are unfamiliar with this incident. Basically four New York City police officers arrested 27-year-old Glenn Grays, a mailman, while he was delivering mail on March 17 after the cops nearly hit Grays with their unmarked police car as he tried to cross the street. Gray’s yelled at the occupants of the vehicle like any normal person would do who was almost hit by a driver who should always yield to pedestrians, but instead of keeping it moving with a simple “our bad” the hotheaded plainclothes officers exited their vehicle then ran up on Grays.

The cops eventually arrested Grays under a trumped up “disorderly conduct/resisting arrest” charge. But who was really resisting? As I watched the video I could clearly see the cops resisting their burning desire to unleash some old fashioned police brutality on Grays.

Anyways, after video of Grays’ arrest went viral, the Internal Affairs Bureau launched an investigation. Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said he had “strong concerns” about the officers’ actions.

“I am very interested in the charge that was made against this individual, what he was arrested for and the validity of that,” Bratton said Tuesday.

Patrick Lynch, head of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, blamed Grays for the officer’s actions.

Exactly, this is what they do, blame their actions on the victim (the mailman) in this case because police officers are saints, right?

During a recent press conference regarding the incident Grays said, “Honestly speaking, we’re all human, we all make mistakes, but lately a lot of mistakes have been made by police officers.”

And I agree with Grays, we are all human, we all make mistakes but far too many of po-po’s “mistakes” have been brutal and deadly.

Watch the video of Grays’ arrest below:

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