Mother & Friends Speaks Out On Charlotte Police Standoff Victim’s Death

Mother & Friends Speaks Out On Charlotte Police Standoff Victim’s Death

The mother and friends of Charlotte police standoff victim spoke out on his death during a candle light vigil Tuesday night.

Charlotte Uprising and Students for a Democratic Society were the two local organizations responsible for holding the candle light vigil. Timothy Davis, an 18-year-old black man and recent high school graduate died Tuesday morning during a standoff with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police SWAT Team. CMPD claim Davis shot and killed himself as they attempted to arrest him for assault and robbery charges.

Lit candles trailed down the sidewalks on both sides of the street leading to Tim’s house. As I got out of my car and stood in the street of that quiet middle class neighborhood I couldn’t help but think about how it really doesn’t matter… It does not matter what neighborhood, what town or city in this country; when black men have encounters with police they tend to end up dead. I also noticed the fact that the victims regardless of the crimes they’ve been accused of committing have families and friends who care a lot about them. That fact was evident due to the huge crowd of friends, family, and neighbors who stood together in the cold drizzling rain in front of the house where Tim’s life ended.

It was around 9:24 p.m. when I made my way to the crowd of people holding candles in a huge circle. All of his friends spoke of how they could not believe that he was dead and that they did not believe that he took his own life.

Watch my interview with Tim’s friend Nehemiah Wright below:

Tim’s mother eventually came outside and spoke with everyone. She expressed her appreciation for all who came out to show their love for her son. When asked she also stated that she didn’t believe that her son committed suicide.

Watch Tim’s mother speak below:

Later on Tim’s mother asked a few supporters including myself to view the scene where her son lost his life. She was not able to handle viewing the scene but she needed someone else to view it. Now you too can view the aftermath of what a police standoff involving a black man looks like.

As you can see from the image above its not cool. There’s the larger centralized bloodstain, along with bloody dog prints [from the police dog] and a long smeared bloodstain which seem to indicate the police dog or police officers drug Tim’s body. The scene definitely generates many more unanswered questions for me. I would love to understand why the money was displayed in that manner.

Ms. Davis told me that Timothy was shot in the face. The police claimed that they heard a thud and they did not receive a response from Timothy for some time before they found his body. If all of that information is true then there should have been a larger pool of blood.

As the night wore on the crowd slowly dissipated and there were only a few friends still standing around talking. I drove off looking back at the small group in my rearview mirror. I wondered what will it take to prevent situations like this from constantly occurring? And what can we do different because what’s being done currently isn’t working.

Mother & Friends Speaks Out On Charlotte Police Standoff Victim’s Death
(Timothy Andre Davis)

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