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Hands Up Don’t Shoot T-Shirts

Join the movement and help fight against senseless violence, police brutality and unjust police shootings! Rock your Hands Up Don’t Shoot T-Shirts today!

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Thousands of people have flooded the streets of cities throughout the country over the last couple of years to protest grand juries not indicting police officers who have killed black men. So, there have been large protests for the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, Eric Garner in New York, Keith Scott death in Charlotte, NC, and Philando Castile in St. Paul, MN.

Those are just a few names of black men who have lost their lives during an encounter with police; however, they’re not the only lives lost due to this social ill.

Thus protesters continue to fight against these social injustices by speaking out at rallies, displaying signs and also by wearing t-shirts such as the Hands Up Don’t Shoot T-shirts everyday. In order to bring about more awareness to the problem many believe we all should show that we’re against unjust police brutality and killings as well! How about taking a stand, join the movement and buy your t-shirt today!

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  1. A police officer in my hometown was shot multiple times this morning, while directing traffic in a school zone. Guess what? His hands were up too, but he was trying to get children safely to school. Are you going to sell t-shirts for him, too?

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