Diddy Goes On A “Puffy Rant” About “Cooning” In Hip-Hop

Diddy Goes On A "Puffy Rant" About "Cooning" In Hip-Hop

Diddy goes in on a “Puffy Rant” about the “Cooning & Bufooning” that’s going on in Hip-Hop.

I’m not exactly sure which incident within the hip-hop community that has got Diddy all riled up because there are so many but it’s definitely something! Dude logged onto his Snapchat account Thursday morning I assume and expressed his distaste and disaproval of the state of hip-hop today.

“The culture’s getting killed,’ says Puff to the camera as he wipes his face multiple times during a series of snaps. “I’m in amazement of what’s going on in the world…there’s too much coonin’ and buffoonin’ y’all. And we all guilty of it, but damn! I cannot believe this is what hip-hop has become, man. My mind is blown. Y’all need to watch some documentaries on hip-hop. You don’t even know what hip-hop is.”

Watch the “Puffy Rant” below!

Diddy didn’t drop any names but I believe he was speaking on the antics of artist like Kodak Black, Lil Yachty, Soulja Boy, Chris Brown and 50 Cent just to name a few. #WhatchuThink

Let us know if you agree with Puffy’s rant by sounding off in the comments below!

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