Dave Chappelle Speaks At City Council Meeting About Progressive Policing

Dave Chappelle speaks at city council meeting

Comedian Dave Chappelle speaks at city council meeting about progressive policing his hometown of Yellow Springs, Ohio.

The meeting was held in response to an incident that occurred during the town’s annual New Year’s Eve celebration. The event became chaotic after police officers drove their cruisers through the crowd with sirens on. Officers also used their tasers on two black men. Town residents expressed their displeasure of the officer’s behavior with protests, the police chief and one of the officers involved in the New Year’s eve incident have since resigned.

During the meeting, Chappelle stepped to the podium to say a few words in regards to the New Year’s Eve incident. He told those assembled that Yellow Springs “has the opportunity to be a leader in progressive law enforcement.” Chappelle also discussed the close-knit nature of the small town and asked the council to find police officers who represent the values and diversity of Yellow Springs.

Watch the video below as Dave Chappelle speaks at city council meeting recently in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

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