Watch Chance The Rapper’s Interview With Katie Couric

Chance The Rapper's interview

Chance The Rapper took time out to sit down to be interviewed by Yahoo news anchor, Katie Couric recently.

The 15-minute interview was filmed at Harold’s Chicken Shack, a restaurant in Chicago, Chance’s hometown. They spoke about his success as an independent artist, his Grammy wins and the violence that’s going on in Chicago.

When asked about the violence in the windy-city. Chance said “What’s happening is bogus. As individual acts, it’s, you know, it’s terrifying and also sad. The respect for life is little [to] none in the city because we don’t really feel like people care about us. There’s a lot of things that I wasn’t exposed to or didn’t understand or know about until I went downtown. It’s literally like a different city over there.”

Watch the full discussion below.

Photo Credit: (Yahoo News)
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