Adrien Broner Goes In On Al Bernstein At Press Conference

Broner calls Al Berstein a bitch ass nigga during press conference.

As usual Adrien Broner created some drama at the MGM press conference for his upcoming fight against Manny Pacquiao on Saturday night.

At the end of the press conference both fighters remained on stage awaiting the Q&A session with Showtime commentator Al Bernstein. As Bernstein began to address Broner with a question Broner went “Broner”.

“I ain’t even gonna lie to you, bro” Broner said. “I don’t fuck with you, bro. I don’t fuck with you. You be talking too much shit about me on Twitter, bro.”

“Me?” Bernstein replied.

“Yeah you, bitch ass nigga. I’ma let you know. And I’m just being real, bro. Like I just already feel like you against me.”

“I’m not against anybody,” Bernstein retorted. “But this isn’t about me, it’s about you.”

“I’d rather Roy Jones or Stephen A. Smith ask me some questions, I don’t fuck with you” Broner continued.

At that point Bernstein attempted to ask Broner’s trainer Kevin Cunningham a question but that’s when he was interrupted by Broner.

“It’s gang gang!” Broner interrupted. “If I don’t fuck with you, they don’t fuck with you.”

Cunningham kept it “gang gang” and backed Broner by by refusing to respond, which promptly ended the press conference.

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